Chandeleur Island Restoration

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how the Chandeleur Islands have been impacted over the last several years by hurricanes, and more recently, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Even after enduring more than its fair share of natural and man-made disasters, the Chandeleur chain has proven to be a resilient ecosystem, still home to numerous fish and bird species. But that doesn’t mean the islands couldn’t benefit from a little TLC from the powers that be. Erosion is the primary threat to the Chandeleurs, and it sounds like we may be getting some help soon, thanks to some funding that could come in the form of a BP settlement.

Currently being litigated in court, BP agreed in 2011 to a $1 billion upfront payment towards these fines, but they only agreed to release the majority of the money this year. Of this, $320 million was allocated for Louisiana barrier island restoration, including target projects on Whiskey Island, Cheniere Ronquille, Shell Island and Breton Island. The Chandeleur island chain will also be targeted for major projects in the next installment of BP payments. – Troy Gilbert,

That quote comes from this piece, featured on Be sure to check out the full article to get all the details. It’s about time the Chandeleurs, and the anglers who love to fish these islands, got some good news.

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